Finding fitness in my 50s

My 50th birthday has come and gone- a lockdown birthday like last year! But grateful I could share the day with my children and fiancee.

I was hoping to get as fit as possible by my 50th but it did not really happen that way. I did not reach my target weight and looking back now I can understand why. It is often said that getting in true shape is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. This is widely accepted and I have to agree with this statement. I have exercised regularly for a long time but never really got into great shape- why? My diet including alcohol.

Firstly I would say that I eat fairly healthy meals but my issue has always been snacking- especially in the evenings. Crisps/chocolate and rice crackers often the culprit. Alongside this I must discuss alcohol too.

I would normally drink on a Friday and Saturday as not working the next day- and sometimes Sunday lunchtimes too. As I have Wednesday mornings off with a subsequent late finish at work- my partner and I may also share a drink or two on Tuesday evenings. So it could be that I would drink wine on 4 out of 7 days- way too much! Firstly for health we should be limiting alcohol to maximum of 14 units a week to avoid longer term health issue that an be associated with alcohol (see other blog on this!). In terms of weight loss drinking wine is never going to be a good idea so I need to make changes to help me achieve my fitness goals. Therefore I have decided to quit alcohol for good- to optimise my physical and mental health- to reach the highest limits of performance in all areas of my life.

So what is my fitness plan for each week? I aim to exercise on 5 out of 7 days with a mixture of cardio and weight-based training. Running/swimming/cycling for cardio throughout the week. For weights a variety of kettlebell sessions/ weight at gym etc… Alongside this I am not drinking any alcohol (day 9 now) and cutting out snacking as much as I can. Many people recommend having a cheat day so over the weekend on one day I will allow myself a takeaway or similar.

My ambition is to show that being in my 50s should be no barrier to getting in the best shape of my life- mentally and physically. Small and consistent changes each week should be the way ahead- updates to come! Being accountable I believe is very important so I will be checking in and blogging to keep me firmly on track.

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