Dr Michael Burdon- an introduction

I am a Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine based in London, UK. Welcome to my website which I have created to share articles and information on a wide variety of topics that relate to medicine, health, exercise and lifestyle issues.

I practice my medicine at Pure Sports Medicine in London. I am able to see patients in the clinics- or via online video consultations as needed. Please contact me on mike.burdon@puresportsmed.com if you would like to book a consultation.

I have set up my website in the week following my 49th birthday and whilst we are currently in a lockdown due to the covid-19 pandemic- the greatest healthcare challenge in my lifetime. I will be blogging about this in later articles. The main reason to set up this website was my underlying passion in writing about health-related articles. As I near my 50th year alive I wish to explore how we can all live healthier lifestyles including exercise, eating well, caring for our own mental health and many other areas of life that we may share.

I was a general practitioner (GP) in the UK for many years before changing careers and specialising as a Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine. My GP background has provided me with many years of experience caring for patients of various different backgrounds with numerous healthcare issues. As a Consultant in Sport in Exercise Medicine, my work now largely involves managing injuries and chronic pain conditions in addition to the vital role in promoting exercise as medicine- one that we should all be using to reduce our risks of many chronic health diseases.

I have faced my own health challenges over the last few years and I am striving to become the healthiest that I have ever been. I have been through some difficult years including a painful and stressful divorce in recent times. I wish to share these experiences with you all and share my thoughts, experiences and expert advice in helping you achieve the best possible health – both physically and mentally.

Some of my blogs and articles will reflect personal experiences but when appropriate I will use research and other sources available for reference and for further reading.

Welcome to doctorhealthexercise.com !

Dr Michael Burdon

April 14th 2020

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