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Running an ultramarathon in your 50s. A success story!

As I turned 50 last year, I decided that I wanted to do another ultramarathon running race. I had previously done a 50km ultra 18 years ago, so it had been a long time! Back in the early 2000s I had run 3 London marathons and the 50km ultra in 2004. Since then, I had continued to try and run/​keep fit as much as I could. However, in 2016 I developed ME (a type of chronic fatigue syndrome)Continue reading “Running an ultramarathon in your 50s. A success story!”

Inflammation-friend or foe?

When we think of inflammation, it may present in various different ways. In more simple terms it can be produced by the body in either acute or chronic situations. In an acute setting, inflammation is the body’s natural way to achieve healing. Let us consider an acute ankle sprain- we turn our ankle as weContinue reading “Inflammation-friend or foe?”

What is a stress fracture?

Stress fractures occur when the normal equilibrium of healthy bone turnover shifts in favour of bone breakdown with insufficient rebuilding of the bone matrix. This can happen in two broad scenarios. Firstly, if the bone density is normal but it is loaded too much we call this a fatigue stress injury. Secondly if the boneContinue reading “What is a stress fracture?”

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